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European Centre for Information Policy and Security ( ECIPS ) European Centre for Information Policy and Security european_centre_for_information_policy_and_security001005.jpg European Centre for Information Policy and Security
The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) is a non-partisan organization that specializes in identifying Policy and Security Information resources. The policy and security research done at ECIPS ensures focused and principled examination, as well as that effective action will be taken by recognized policy experts, appropriate officials, opinion leaders, and general public.

ECIPS owns its success to the elements of diplomatic, informational and economic strength, which have created a greatly effective working environment for the corporation. The European Centre for Information Policy and Security addresses issues such as accountability, cross-border data transfers, conflicting national legal requirements and government use of private sector data, mediation and negotiations, cross-border investigations where necessary.
The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) creates and maintains practical and trustworthy partnerships, with its customers, its global network partners and with its International qualified experts. This facilitates not only the realization of mutual objectives, but moreover, contributes to a sustainable creation of "Rural Intelligence", the missing Intelligence link to security and justice.
It is essential to our research and publications to ensure that optimized capability is reached and effective implementation of all projects. In order to fulfill our mission, ECIPS also approaches qualified individual experts. Through their dedication we actively respond to the growing demand for technical assistance within the domain of freedom, security and justice.

Our services are rendered to Governments Corporations, Private Companies, Law-enforcement and security organizations around the globe with our strategic global partnerships.  ECIPS does not act on behalf of any governmental office or European institution.
Security Threats & Research

The growing need for new policy formations to combat new emerging security threats for both governments & corporations within the European Union has reached critical levels with the exchange of cross border data and Internet services.
These threats can  range from identity theft to a more serious crime of Computer hacking of electricity supply. Security threats of this nature can effect individuals as well as the masses and we need to constantly develop vigilance against such imminent attacks from criminal sources and terrorist organizations
The present global climate of crime conducted by criminals and organizations that participate in cross-border crime often slips the attention of authorities responsible. It’s our task to provide these missing links and enforce accountability in all conflicting situations in the form of litigation's and cross-border private or federal prosecution process.
We make sure that your interests, whether they are corporate or civilian, will be protected by federal laws.