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The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) focuses on the critical infrastructures and global security threats, cyber threats and pragmatic solutions, that aids to the risks of security, justice and its policy in public domain. The International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) is the body of Supreme Authority in the Organization. Our web pages also elucidate on the fact that we are a non-governmental organization, unremittingly seeking those links in the chain of Policy Security and Justice, which needs re-enforcement by creating both, a platform and policies, for innovative practices in the domain of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA ) and that we have the ability to take sensitive and (politically) sensitive missions on board, that contribute to our ways of lives whilst maintaining and safeguarding an enjoyable level of freedom in a just society.
The ECIPS  website is meant to give you information on global security, law enforcement, criminal justice experts that realizes the need for practical improvements of skills, attitudes and the Chain of Justice Co-operation in order to contribute considerably and sustainably in the arena of  Policy, Security and Justice, by means of  ECIPS's input of expertise, know-how,  that explains the 5WH inWhat, Why, Who, Where and When.
"Freedom, Security & Justice for All"
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Le Petit Problème With France’s New Big Brother
Can French intelligence agencies handle the terabytes of data that they just got permission to collect ?
“In the U.S. you spend $52 billion on national security,” said Ricardo Baretzky, president of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security, referring to the so-called American intelligence community’s “black budget.”  Press to read more .....